Q: What are the Mas Camp’s opening hours?

From Monday August 29, the Camp is open for payment and enquiries Monday – Friday, 12pm-6pm.

Q: Where can I view ROGUE’s costumes?

Catch our costumes right here on this site, or stay plugged to our socials where we sometimes give y’all anglesss on all your Bot favs.

Q: When is costume registration for the new carnival year?

Costume registration for Carnival 2023 begins August 29, 2022, ROGUE fam. Phase 1 of registration will be for pre-booked ROGUEs, and Phase 2 will take place through our ROGUE Committee. Once we’ve got the spots, you can also email us to get on the ROGUE – We’ll sort you out.

Q: What do I need for costume registration?

Size Information

  • Ladies:  Bra Size (34A, B, C,), Hipband Size (in inches), Bottom Piece Size (S, M, L)
  • Ladies:  Bra Option
  • Ladies: Bottom Piece option
  • Men:  Waist Size (in inches)

Downpayment TT$2,200 (US$400), Frontline TT$3,500 (US$560). If you love dem feathers, and you’re ordering a Large or X-Large Backpack, you’re gonna have to spend a bit more coin. To confirm those add-ons, you’ll pay an additional TT$3,000 (US$480).

Always register through the ROGUE Mas Camp ( or through a ROGUE Committee Member to be certain your registration is valid.

Q: Can I order extra items with my costumes?

Some costumes may come with options like larger headpieces, backpacks, and other add-ons – but for some extra $$$.  You can check out the options and price in each costume’s photo gallery.

Q: What is the male pants design?

Because male costumes are easily replicated, the design of our Male Shorts, Souvenir Vest, and Hat aren’t released in advance.  Sorry fellas. Note this though –  the base colour of the Male Pants will match the colour seen in our male costume picture.

Q: I did not get a costume… Can I be placed on a waiting list?

Unfortunately we don’t have a waiting list for costumes. Sorry fam.

Q: When do I collect my costume?

A: Excitement! Our costume distribution schedule will be emailed to all Carnival ROGUE masqueraders and posted on our website and social media. Different sections will have different distribution dates so pay attention to yours, Carnival ROGUE.  The final date of costume distribution is Carnival Thursday. After that, all uncollected costumes are no longer available, so you better get yo’ self there and in a gear to collect.

Q: I missed my collection date – what do I do?

A: You can collect your costume on any day after your designated date, but priority is given to ROGUEs collecting on their designated day.

Q: When do I need to pay for my costume?

A: Your downpayment must be paid upon registration, otherwise your order will be incomplete and immediately cancelled. Costumes must be paid in full by January 31st, 2023. You can also make advanced payments at the ROGUE Mas Camp (Cash & LINX only) and online via Credit Card (Visa & MasterCard) through our registration website. We encourage y’all to pay a bit every month bc we don’t want you taking out a 2nd mortgage at the end of January to pay off your fit 🥲

Q: How can I pay for my costume?

A: We accept Cash and LINX in-house at the Camp, and Credit Card (Visa & MasterCard) online through our registration website. Cheques are not accepted y’all.

Q: I’ve collected my costume but it does not fit.

A: Contact the ROGUE Customer Service Hotline during Distribution, and we can put you on to a producer who can help with resizing your costume. We’ll have that info for you closer to the time.

Q: What do I get when I come to Costume Distribution?

A: Hey hey! You get your ROGUE Bot fit for the road, your ROGUE Goody Bag filled with Carnival essentials, your Food Band & ROGUE Wristband.  Your costume is not complete without a wristband and if you’re found on the ROGUE without a wristband, we’re gonna have to remove you from the band.

Q: I have a comment/complaint – who do I speak to?

A: Send any comments to Go easy on us fam! 😅

Q: I have not been receiving emails from ROGUE … what can I do?

A: Email us! – – with your info so we can update our records with the right email address. We’ll send you a confirmation once your address has been updated. We gotchu.

Q: What does ROGUE all-inclusive package include?

A: Package deets available here.

Q: Who are ROGUE’S affiliates?

A: ROGUE is affiliated with Red Ants, Ultimate Events Ltd., TRIBE Carnival, The Lost Tribe,  Harts Carnival, PURE Carnival, Mad J’Ouvert, among others. Carnival ROGUE’s, please do not be fooled by any other groups posing as ROGUE partners.

Q: I forgot my password, what do I do?

A: Use the ‘Forgot Your Password’ feature on your account login page fams.

Q: I would like to play as a character/individual for Carnival – who do I contact?

A: Okkk, look at youuuu. Email us!:

Q: I would like to design my own costume to play with ROGUE?

A: Unfortunately, due to constraints with our band size, ROGUE does not allow masqueraders to design their own costumes. We hope y’all understand.

Q: Does ROGUE provide Monday wear?

A: We don’t provide Monday Wear, and we encourage y’all to make your wristband easily visible since you won’t be easily recognisable in a costume fit. Remember we need to ensure our Security Team recognises you. On Monday we Light Up the ROGUE, so find yourself a neon oufit and get with it y’all. Lit shoes welcomeee.

Q: Where is my section in the band lineup?

A: Huh? Whatchu mean? Oh you didn’t know ROGUE HAS NO SECTIONS!!! We cross the stage together as 1 fam, no matter which Bot you chose. The VIBES level of crossing the stage as one is unmatched. Y’all know we gotta stay true to our name – #WeAreROGUE

Q: I’m interested in providing a service / becoming a sponsor of ROGUE – who do I contact?

A: Hey sponsor! Please email

Q: Can my husband/wife jump in the band?

A: If s/he is a masquerader, ofc! ROGUE only allows paying masqueraders to jump in the band.  Non-masqueraders can check out our vibes from the sidelines, outside the band, but they won’t be allowed to participate. Tell them come eeeen. Join d ROGUE Bots to be part of the .

Q: Can I play in ROGUE if I’m playing in another band?

A: Short answer – nope! All Carnival Bands in our group are separate bands with separate routes.  Masqueraders aren’t able to switch between bands. Sorry!

Q: What music is played on the road?

A: Style after style after style. Meet our wide range of talented DJs on the ROGUE. Any truck you wind up chippin behind is gonna be a VIBE because our DJ’s play the music YOU wanna hear. Each truck features a different DJ group, so choose the truck you’re gonna stick to, or sample them all. Your choice, Carnival ROGUEs.

Q: Where does the band meet?

A: Our starting point is located in Port of Spain. Don’t be left behind pls y’all. Be sure to check your Member’s Guide (published during Costume Distribution) for the deets!

Q: What time does Mas begin?

A: We ROGUE like that so we start at 11.30am on Carnival Monday because we go later and 10am on Tuesday.  We take a break for lunch on both days at a designated rest stop – Pump. Pause. Repeat.

See you on the ROGUE!

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