ROGUE Carnival - 2020: BADASS

Why go ROGUE?

Why go ROGUE?


• New, NEW. Gimme NEW!
You want something NEW in your premium road experience because you’ve BEEN playing mas and you’re desperate for something different.

It’s your FIRST time playing mas in T&T and you wanna be where the VIBE is. Look no further, fam. We gotchu.

J’Ouvert is your THING, but you ain’t gotten dirty in mud and oil in a while because the early-morning wake-up call for pretty-mas means blood-shot eyes and tired feet after you get home from J’Ouvert at 8 AM. YOU’RE JUST WAY TOO TIRED FAM – we understand. That’s why The ROGUE Band starts later on BOTH days, so ain’t no way you’re missing J’Ouvert OR your make-up appointment in 2020 sis. You’re welcome.

You’re a male masquerader and you don’t care TOOOOO much about the colour of your pants – just that the fit right.
Look no further, bro. You got it here.

You and your girls wanna jump in different fits, but you wanna cross the stage together too. Hmmmmm. What a conundrum. But heyyy. Yunno what? The ROGUE Band does not, we repeat DOES NOT make you “get in yuh section” to cross a stage, fam. That means y’all can all glow up in whichever costume you like, and still wine low together on that Socadrome stage.

Again, you’re welcome ☺.

• You love to pump and all you need is a short rest and refuel for lunch before you’re ready to go again. No sleeping matinees at a lunch park, fam. When you go ROGUE, you pump. Pause. Then pump again.

• Monday Night Mas is LIT and you’ve ALWAYS wanted to experience that sh!t.
Say no more, fam. Say no more. Welcome to The ROGUE Band ☺

You have and always will be a ROMAN to your heart, and now you’ve found another ARMY to pump with: Caesar’s Army x ROGUE Army = One Love Army

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