Pre-Booking FAQs

What is pre-booking?

The Magic package was offered on Carnival Tuesday 2022 and guaranteed masqueraders a spot in your chosen Carnival Band within the TRIBE Group in the next Trinidad & Tobago Carnival. The value of your package (US$150) will be applied to your costume at registration. *Please see Terms & Conditions

I pre-booked with the band. How much do I have to pay to confirm my costume?

The pre-booking fee (US$150/TT$938) will be applied to your costume downpayment. To confirm your registration you must pay the downpayment balance e.g. If the downpayment for your chosen Bot fit is US$352/TT$2,200, then you’ll need to pay a balance of US$202/TT$1562 fam.


Backline/Male: TT$2,200 (US$352) | Frontline: TT$3,500 (US$560)

Does pre-booking mean I have a confirmed spot on the road for 2023?

Carnival ROGUEs, your spot on the ROGUE is only confirmed once you complete your costume selection and the required downpayment within 5 days of the start of registration.

Your non-refundable, pre-booking deposit – aka the coins that secured your spot with the maddest crew – will be applied to your 2023 costume package down payment.

Note well, and don’t say we didn’t warn ya – You will be required to complete the full down payment of the selected costume package of your choice within five days after the registration start date in August.

If you fail to complete your costume package down payment within the first five days after the registration start date, it means you’re giving up any and all cash money deposited.

Am I guaranteed my first choice section?

If ya registered between March 1st and 3rd, 2022, and completed that costume downpayment within the first 5 days of registration, you’re guaranteed that first choice section y’all 🙂

After that, you’re guaranteed a spot in any section 💣

Am I guaranteed a frontline costume and upgrades?

Frontline costumes and costume upgrades are subject to availability. That means, if we have ’em, you can get ’em. Feel free like a bird to select any costume option available at the time of registration.

I can’t make it for Carnival 2023 anymore.
Can I get a refund or apply my booking fee to another person or for the next Trinidad Carnival?

Our booking fee is non-refundable, non-transferable, and valid only for the 2023 Carnival Season. Check out our Terms & Conditions again if you need a refresher. These terms were outlined at the time of your pre-booking.

When does registration begin?

We know y’all been waiting. Us too 😂 Registration begins on Monday August 29, 2022. Stay locked to your email for regular email updates and ensure our address is added to that safe list.

Where can I see the costumes and prices?

You’re already here fam – our website has ’em all. For other shots, be sure to follow us on social – @carnivalrogue.

My friend/family/partner wasn’t able to pre-book? How do they get in the band?

In this first phase of registration we’re taking care of our pre-booked ROGUEs. But bet ya bottom dollar, if spaces are available after this phase, registration will open to anyone who wants a spot on the ROGUE with us. Turn those social media post notifications ON and stay tuned to our website for regular updates fam.

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