ROGUE Carnival - 2020: BADASS

Member's Guide




For thousands of years, the STAGE BOSS ruled over the Carnival City and never relinquished his hold over his domain.

Once a year, he calls upon distinguished champions to contest his throne.

But he is yet to be defeated.

In 2020, the STAGE BOSS summons new warriors who will attempt to seize his throne.

Can he be conquered?

Watch out STAGE (BOSS).
The ROGUE Band is coming.

Must be clearly VISIBLE to Security
Must be worn BOTH DAYS
Must be worn on RIGHT HAND
Give you access to the facilities and amenities
Must be worn in conjunction with your Food Bands
Are the property of ROGUE and can be revoked at any time at the discretion of Management.


Dei Musicale ft. Selector HEMO
Lord Hype & Mister Groove
Mad Russian
Bloodline Franco | King Taj | Brush1chromatic
Kevin Crown
DJ Young Chow
House DJ TBC
Patrick the Hypeman


Meal chits found on your ID Wristband must be tendered to access eats.
Catered By:
Maggies Catering, O’Shun Caribbean, Ginger & Spice Gourmet, Chefmade, Wrapworks, Linda’s Bakery, Mario’s Pizza + more



BADASS, we may be ROGUE, but that doesn’t mean we’re irresponsible. To ensure ‘we jammin’ still’ after the season is over, please pay attention to the following Battle Tips as we journey to meet the STAGE BOSS:

  • Be extremely careful around all parade vehicles e.g. music trucks, bar trucks, etc.
  • Drink responsibly. Do not drink and drive. Designate a Driver. And do NOT mix medication with alcohol.
  • Stay hydrated! Enjoy your alcoholic beverages but make sure to drink lots of water too. You’ll avoid dehydration (and stay ROGUE on the ROAD).
  • Use sunblock. Lots of it. And take it with you to re-apply as often as necessary.
  • Use lip balm.
  • Sunglasses save lives.
  • Leave your valuables at home e.g. expensive or flashy jewelry.
  • Make sure to take "vex money" with you, but only as much as you’ll need. To our foreign masqueraders, this means you should walk only with necessary cash.
  • If you’re wearing a pouch, always wear it to the front of your body.
  • Stick with a group. Don’t wander away alone, whether night or day.
  • This one’s for those feet! – Cut all toenails before you get ROGUE on the ROAD. Wear comfortable sneakers or footwear. Going a ½ size up from your usual size can save lives – just like those sunglasses. You may also want to invest in comfortable inner soles to provide added cushioning. Remember, the ROGUE stops for no man, and neither should you. Ready those feet and don’t be that guy.
  • Arrange a specific meeting point with your friends within the band in case you get lost. E.g. "the right side of the second DJ truck." Remember, there are thousands of masqueraders in costume, and you may get separated at least once.
  • Do not accept drinks from strangers. Drinks are available from ROGUE Bars. Head to a bar instead of accepting a drink from someone you don’t know.
  • If you’re feeling unwell, check our Medics throughout the band. They’ll take care of you and help you feel ROGUE READY once more.

Ambulance and OnSite Paramedics

Paramedics are located on trucks with the medic signs (white cross/green background).

The ambulance will be located at the back of the band. In case of an emergency, the music will be shut off; masqueraders and vehicles are to move to the side of the road, to allow passage of the ambulance.

Mobile Restrooms

These are located at the back of the band for your comfort and convenience.

Rest Stop on Wheels

Thanks to Southern Sales Car Rentals all Carnival ROGUEs can rest briefly during the all-day-pump.

Catch your Mobile Rest Ride at the back of the band.
15-minute break intervals only!
Can’t stay away from the pump for too long, fam!

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