The Story of Mars

The Story of Mars

The year is 2019.

On the fourth planet from the sun, Mars, the God of War awakens.

Within him stirs a renewed desire for conquest.
He will wage war against the forces of persecution on earth.

But he requires an Army; a legion of Goddesses from whom he will draw his strength.

Only the bravest and boldest are chosen.

He calls on

Bellona – Goddess of War
Minerva – Goddess of Wisdom
Juventas – Goddess of Youth
Invidia – Goddess of Envy
Hekate – Goddess of Magic
Nemesis – Goddess of Revenge
Tempestas – Goddess of Storms
Libertas – Goddess of Freedom
Luna – Goddess of the Hunt & Moon

With red sands, Mars dusts each Goddess with red armor, giving birth to A ROGUE Army of 10.

In chariots of gold, Mars leads the descent upon the earth to hunt for rebel Gods & Goddesses to join the fold.

He knows just where to find them. Trinidad – in the month of Mars; the month of March.

This is your call to battle.
To unleash the fury of the Gods.
To awaken. To conquer. To rise.

Carnival 2019 is RED – The Rise of Mars