The Story of Mars

We Take the ROGUE in

The Story of Mars

The year is 2019.

On the fourth planet from the sun, Mars, the God of War awakens.

Within him stirs a renewed desire for conquest.
He will wage war against the forces of persecution on earth.

But he requires an Army; a legion of Goddesses from whom he will draw his strength.

Only the bravest and boldest are chosen.

He calls on

Bellona – Goddess of War
Minerva – Goddess of Wisdom
Invidia – Goddess of Envy
Hekate – Goddess of Magic
Nemesis – Goddess of Revenge
Tempestas – Goddess of Storms
Libertas – Goddess of Freedom
Luna – Goddess of the Hunt & Moon
Victoria – Goddess of Victory

With red sands, Mars dusts each Goddess with red armor, giving birth to A ROGUE Army of 10.

In chariots of gold, Mars leads the descent upon the earth to hunt for rebel Gods & Goddesses to join the fold.

He knows just where to find them. Trinidad – in the month of Mars; the month of March.

This is your call to battle.
To unleash the fury of the Gods.
To awaken. To conquer. To rise.

Carnival 2019 is RED – The Rise of Mars