Greetings from ROME

We Take the ROGUE in

Jules Sobion


On behalf of the ROMANS of Caesar’s Army, and as your Commander-in-Chief, I bring you greetings from ROME.

Thank you for choosing ROGUE.

Caesar’s Army’s long envisaged entry into mas came to fruition in 2018. With our pioneer ROGUEs at our side, and with TRIBE Carnival as our formidable partner, we brought you a Carnival Monday and Tuesday road experience you are sure to never forget. But we won’t stop there.

In 2019, we will be better, bolder, braver.

We will stop at nothing to bring you, our ROGUE ROMAN battalion, the change you desire in Carnival.

We created this band for YOU; this is your alternative.
When in ROME, do as the ROMAN Gods & Goddesses do.
See you on the ROGUE, T&T Carnival 2019, when we paint the town RED.

Your General,


Jules Sobion

Creative Director, ROGUE Carnival
CEO & Commander-in-Chief, Caesar’s Army